Broken or Just Bent?

As I continue to mend myself from some of my poor (and even good) choices I am amazed at the number of friends, family and acquantances that tell me they can’t change. Scientifically speaking this is patently untrue. Our brains are capable of amazing feats of change. In fact, they change everyday whether we ask them to or not!

In discussing this mindset, it has dawned on me that many of these humans feel they are broken. That somehow their “peculiar” action or mindset makes them outside the “norm”. Because of this they must be “broken” and therefore cannot change.

Now, it is possible to be “broken” and unrepairable from a mental stand point. What matters here is that this condition is pretty damn RARE! Humans can function in many forms of mental acuity and still not be broken. Broken means unfixable, unrepairable, unable to be mended. If this was truly the case for my many suffering human friends, then medication and counseling wold have NO discernible impact.

I submit dear reader, that the vast majority of people in our lives that believe they are broken are in fact just rather bent. Bent not against some unattainable societal norm, but against functioning as the best human they can. Bent can and should be mended. I want all humans in my life to strive to the best individual they can be, to unbend and reform as their better selves.

In this vein, I work with anyone who will listen to understand that when they think of themselves as broken, it is their mindset that locks them in place and makes change less than likely. When we think of ourselves as changeable, we can change.

Next time someone close to you says they are broken or cannot change, slow down and take the time to help them see they are still a whole human, one that simply needs to molded into a different form.




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