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Where Intuition and Urges meet.

There is a plethora of science that looks at how are biases impact our “intuition”. We also know that gut feelings can be powerful and detrimental if not heeded.

So what is occurring? The science effectively shows that “intuition” is the  subconscious sharing a plethora of experience and data on a given situation more quicky than the cognitive mind can (or wants to) process.

We also know that many times this data is trash, as our biases interefere with seeing situations for what they really are. When we have no valid data or only bad  experiences with a certain situation or group of people, we don’t really have a reason for “intuition” to be valid.

So how do we learn to see when our “intuition” is helping not hurting? By looking at inturge in our life. 

Do you, or can you even, slow down and see when a gut feeling is actually an urge? What is the difference even?

How often do you shop, eat, interact, make daily life decisions based on your gut? If this is common I would argue you are following your inturge’s! Those feelings may be little more than satisfying our emotional or physical drives, rather than a voice guiding us into better choices. 

Slow down! Think on, is this decision really making my day better! Or is it simply I’m on autopilot?! Make the choice every day to feed better data and experiences to your wonderful mind! It won’t be long until your “intuition” is making for a better set of choices and outcomes. 



I know it’s a little behind schedule but I just finished reading Outliers and years of responses to it; as well as many articles   proving/disproving some of the ideas within. I was most struck not by the book or the ideas (which I did enjoy and liked) but by the standard American response. Instead of discussing the nuance of the ideas, we either jumped on board or firmly denied with little or no middle ground.

There were no fewer than five really thoughtful ideas on why people are succesful, yet we seem intent on the 10,000 hour idea. So much so that there is a whole industry now around 10,000 hours and all else in the book might as well not exist! What about the idea that Harvard should just do a lottery of their applicants (which by the way would be fair becuase it would remove the inherent bias in the admission process)? Or the idea that being lucky enough to be born in a specific month or year are key contributors to success?

Instead most Americans became fixated on a binary approach to an extremely complicated question. An approach by the way that the book clearly says won’t work by itself!!! 

Why is it that Americans so often respond with the emotional maturity of a 14 year old to these pressing societal issues? Why are we so intent on quick fixes or something having to be 100% correct or incorrect? Hasn’t life kicked each of our individual asses enough times to know this is rarely true?

I didn’t wrote this post today to tell everyone why we are a BiNaration. I wrote it so next time you became engaged in a new process or idea, you stop and think before you fall into this all in or all against mentality. 

Cheers and Rock On



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