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Why We Care

I’ve been contemplating why we care so deeply when we lose famous people. Why is it someone that we’ve never met, and probably never would have, has impacted us so greatly we genuinely grieve when they’re lost to us as a person?

Listening to music from some of those we lost this year, many songs struck me as pertinent. So many in fact, they should be an MTV or VH1 channel. These songs each individually express how I feel, yet do not encompass all my emotions. As these multitude of emotions freely flowed, I witnessed a pattern. I think i see why I care. In case this matches your feelings of hurt and loss, I thought I’d share. 

Losing someone who touched me, whose artistry resonated with my very sense of self, feels like I’ve lost part of me. And I have, I’ve lost friends, family, relationships, youth, naïvety, TIME. Knowing these amazing public figures, many of whom literally defined stages or moments of our life, are gone means we can’t have those moments back. 

This is hard. 

I don’t want to be reminded of all I’ve lost, all that’s been, all that I can’t have back. Yet…

As I go down memory lane I find myself smiling more than grieving. Remembering the good times and the losses with a sense of renewed vigor. I’ve had a pretty good run and am so touched that I was open to the sweet touch of genius shared with us all. 

Grieve, remember and move on to the enjoy your next moment, the next artist who comes into our lives. I think Prince’s Pop Life is the right way to sign off. 





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