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Staying True to U

How often do we say or hear some version of “I gotta be me”, “I need to rediscover the real me”, or “That’s just not me”. When we say or hear these phrases, I always wonder, have you actually taken the time to learn who you are truly? The answer is typically an emphatic no. So how can we be true ourselves, when we don’t know who we are really?

We create so many layers of stories about   ourselves and define ourselves by memories that may or may not be accurate. If this is the self we are being true toward, we might as well remove the word true or truth from our statement. Seriously, there is no honesty in sticking to a version of oneself that has not been intentionally/purposefully tested and defined. Without the hard internal work of learning and creating who we are and who we want to be, you are not “yourself”. What we do is double down on the stories we’ve created for and about ourselves. Stories so powerful without them we are lost.

For those who truly wish to know oneself, the path is arduous and winding. Yet, there is no greater joy than being free to be the you that is happy and doing the work you are best suited for in this stay on Earth. 

If you want to walk this path, there are many pieces of advise available. I will share with you my thoughts (from my experiences) on how to start; since starting is always the hardest and most frightening stage.

First and foremost, starting in and of itself is scary, however the real battle is in completing and moving through the initial stage. This stage requires us to identify who we think we are at that moment in our lives. You will need to lay bare all stories you tell yourself, and all the ways you view and interact with the world. I know, I hear you right now, Fuck That Shit. 

Here’s the good news, you don’t do this overnight and you definitely don’t do this alone. This is a process that requires support, input, conversation and multiple iterations. The goal isn’t to emotionally destroy or torture oneself. Its to clearly define where you are in life and how you define this. Once you know these “facts”, you can test these “truths” and see how they line up with step 2, defining who you want to be or wish you could become. 

Good luck, be strong and I hope you develop into a U that you can stay true to. 




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