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Stand Up and Stay True

Due to our turbulent times, I needed to take a month off from expressing myself publicly. I found my writing far too sharp and angry. I am now ready to share my voice again. 

I have taken a quote from a famous movie and changed it to make it more inclusive. We must all fear evil. But, there is a specific kind of evil we should fear most…the indifference of good people.

We cannot be indifferent and assume someone else will stand up. We cannot think, this too shall pass. Make sure your voice is heard, make sure you are expressing your dissatisfaction with the direction the country is heading. Because I can guarantee you those who like what is occurring, will continue to make their voices heard.

When we oppose the hateful and hurtful behavior, and language, of the current administration, we must avoid falling into a very specific trap. It is paramount that we remember those we are in opposition to are still human beings. Many times these are people we have relationships with, or would have relationships with if it wasn’t for our political differences. Dehumanizing someone because we disagree with them, even if we disagree 100%, does nothing to help our argument and in fact puts us on the same level as many of those we oppose.
I, you, we can engage in contentious conversation and stand in opposition to those who would take our country back and disenfranchise so many Americans. Even if they are not willing to accept our humanity, we cannot treat them with equal disrespect. We will win this struggle for the hearts and minds of America over the long run only if we stand up and have our voice heard while staying true to our ideals.

When you are overcoming the indifference of good people, and the anger of those we oppose, never forgetour  shared humanity.


Sharing Humanity

This goes well with my post of a month ago. I have been working feverishly to move our non-profit EMC2 the World – Globalwise Communities off the ground the last month. In every discussion we have about our organization and programs we talk about recognizing shared humanity and not dehumanizing those whom are different from us. This article I read in today about why and how we dehumanize others is a must read about why this is such a vital topic. Talking about diversity, inclusion, social justice, awareness and global competence is not enough if we don’t do anything to overcome this type dehumanization.

The only area I disagree with the author is on the mix of recognizing the mind versus empathy.  In my experience sometimes recognizing the mind of another is not enough to overcome the us/them fact of human existence. Sometimes we need to feel an emotional connection, to be able to genuinely put ourselves in the others parties emotional shoes or have a shared experience that bonds us. Overall I am glad to have read this snippet from the book Mindwise by Nicholas Epley.



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