So it seems approbate to explain FILTERPRET, but first to anyone who has followed me in the past, I let me old domain slip in a a down moment in life and it was horked by someone in China. I have decided to take it as a compliment. 🙂 The new domain is

First we perceive the world/environment/situation, upon this perception we filter what information we process, then we interpret the information that has been allowed to flow through our individual filters. Only then do we act on our initial perception of reality. This filterpretation is very rarely something that occurs in the conscious mind. These steps are done so quickly, and nearly simultaneously, in the subconscious mind, that our conscious mind is barely aware these actions are occurring. The background information utilized in the filterpretation process is mostly derived from social and cultural constructs, which have been inculcated during our upbringing.

In my years of working with and studying culture I have run across many one word and multi-word phrases to define how we humans perceive the world. All of these, some of which I have listed below, are correct, but only partially. I have always felt that none of them quite covered the spectrum of what we as humans do when we perceive the world. One day while discussing my Master’s Thesis with my wife we began to discuss whether or not we filter our perceptions or interpret our perceptions. It was during this discussion that it hit me; humans nearly simultaneously filter and interpret our perceptions.

That is why I created (at least I think I created the word, I began using the word in 2008) the word FILTERPRET. I find this word more pleasing and correct that many of the options that we currently use. To say that we only filter or interpret the world is an oversimplification. It is not enough to say that we filter our perceptions, nor is it enough to say that we interpret our perceptions. Therefore, I believe that we FILTERPRET our perceptions, the world, and our daily environment.

Below are several commonly used words that can describe how we perceive the world, to my understanding they all seem to be somehow incomplete.

Assumption, Belief, Constructs, Decipher, Decode, Filter, Frame, Interpret, Model, Paradigm, Process, Translate


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